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Woolhampton Parish Council Bans Sky Lanterns

Following the growing evidence of the dangers to wildlife and the environment presented by the use of these apparently harmless items Woolhampton Parish Council at its meeting held on 16 October 2018 agreed that it would ban sky lanterns from its land.

© HAP/Quirky China News/Rex Shutterstock

Woolhampton Parish Council is now one of a number of local authorities who have taken the decision to ban sky lanterns over concerns of the fire risk they pose and over the safety risk they pose for animals once they land.  West Berkshire Council recently took a similar decision.

The debris from these balloons that land in fields can cause stomach perforations if any livestock ingests it. Further the wire used in the lanterns can catch around an animal’s leg or neck and lead to amputation or strangulation.  

It was also noted that sky lanterns pose a fire risk.  

The so-called ‘biodegradable lanterns’ can take up to 10 years to biodegrade.

The Council hopes that local residents will follow its example and prevent their use in the village.