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Woolhampton Village Allotments

Parish Councils have an obligation to provide an allotment site if there is a demand by 10 or more residents.

Our current allotments, on land adjacent to the village hall, were established in 2005. The allotments are deer and rabbit fenced. Each plot has a boarded edge. There are four water taps, one in each corner. All plots are surrounded by a gravel mix path. There is currently a waiting list.

Residents of the Parish of Woolhampton or individuals with a local connection are able to apply for an allotment, residents of Woolhampton take priority however when allotments are allocated.  You are welcome to add your name to the waiting list by emailing the Clerk giving your name, full address and phone number. You will receive an acknowledgement from the Clerk that your name has been added to the list. Please note however that you can only apply to have your name added to the list if you live in the Parish when applying.

DSC00716-4The allotment rules are reviewed periodically by the Council and are sent to tenants with their annual rent request. The rules are also available to view online.

Councillor Mr Elliot Wright is our Lead member for the allotments; he and the Clerk are responsible for enforcing the allotment rules and for resolving any disputes between tenants. 

If you have any comments with regard the allotments please do not hesitate to contact Councillor Mr E. Wright or the Clerk.

Click here to view the Village Allotment Rules