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Transparency Code

The Transparency Code

The Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities requires a parish council with a turnover under £25,000 to publish certain information. The council is happy to comply with the Code and to publish the following information:

  1. End of year accounts and supporting statements*
  2. End of year annual return*
  3. Annual governance statement*
  4. Internal audit report*
  5. A list of councillor responsibilities (to be updated as required)
  6. Details of public land and building assets owned by the parish council*
  7. Draft minutes should be published not later than a month following the meeting
  8. Agendas should be published not later than 3 clear days before the meeting is taking place
  9. All items of expenditure above £100 (to be updated monthly)

                                                                                                                                         *To be updated annually

Prior to the introduction of the Code, Woolhampton Parish Council strived to be transparent in its work, whist it has not had, in recent years, a 'Website', it has always made information available to those who have requested it. Most of the above information was already available and had been published. The following is information that was not previously published:-

Councillor responsibilities 

Chairman Councillor Mr T. Renouf

  • WBC liaison (including highways)
  • Village Copse
  • Thames Water
  • Affordable Housing

Vice Chair Councillor Mr E. Wright

  • Minerals
  • Village Hall
  • Allotments
  • Wasing Estates
  • Station Road Recreation Ground

Councillor Mr G. Hale

  • AWE Liaison Committee

Councillor Mr M. Large

  • St Peters Church (liaison)

Councillor Mr J. Lovell

  • None at present

Councillor Mr J. Spackman

  • None at present


Public land and building assets owned by the parish council

  1. Village Copse (land adjacent to Village Hall)
  2. Village Allotments (land adjacent to Village Hall)
  3. 'Fountain' Listed Building (corner of Station Road and Bath Road)
  4. Village Hall (Custodian)
  5. Grit Bins x 7 (Victor Place, Orchard Close, Rowlands Copse, Railside, Cods Hill, Woolhampton Hill, New Road Hill) 
  6. 2 x Defibrillator (Located by (1) entrance to the Village Hall and (2) Adjacent to Village Shop A4, Bath Road)
  7. 2x Park Benchs (Located on land behind the Village Hall)

Transparency Documents